Finally, tradeshows are back. After nearly two years of virtual meetings and conversations due to the pandemic, it’s been great to safely reconnect with people in person recently at the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Tradeshow in Houston.

Getting back on the tradeshow floor reminded us of what we missed out on during the height of the pandemic. Here are three reasons we’re welcoming the safe return of industry events:

Physical Support is Greater than Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to find alternative ways to support our industries from afar. We couldn’t get together in person. We couldn’t be in large groups. Fortunately, we adapted to the times and found virtual ways to stay connected and involved.

All of those practices we established in the midst of the pandemic are still valuable. But having a physical presence at a tradeshow is so much more impactful. It felt great to proudly display the Central Life Sciences booth again at the NCBA Tradeshow. It was great to see and hear the constant buzz and activity during the show again.

At Central Life Sciences, we value showing support in person. It was refreshing to safely be able to do that again.

Face Time Matters

No, not the FaceTime app on an iPhone. Actual, face-to-face human contact. Those face-to-face meetings with customers and industry professionals are critical to how we have always done business going back more than 50 years to our beginnings.

Picking up the phone or hopping on a Zoom call was fine when we had no other choice. But there’s no better way to form and bolster personal relationships than speaking in person.

It was amazing to see so many familiar faces for the first time in more than a year. It was exciting to meet new people without the barrier of a computer screen. And it was comforting to be able to do all of this safely.

We’re social beings, after all. That’s why in-person communication is still the best form of communication.

Tradeshows Keep You Informed

Tradeshows are a good place for intel gathering. They offer an opportunity to observe the hot trends in the industry. They’re the perfect settings for trading ideas and making progress. They keep you ahead of the curve and give you a competitive advantage.

Tradeshows play a vital role in industry growth, and it is great be attending them again. We look forward to seeing those attending upcoming shows across all of our industries, including the AMCA Annual Meeting and the GEAPS Exchange.


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