From the discovery of the first insect growth regulator, (S)-methoprene, to our innovative insect management control programs and protocols, Central Life Sciences is committed to helping our consumers solve problems. Bug Free Grains Stored Product Solutions from Central Life Sciences help prevent stored grain insect infestations.

Bugs on the Move Campaign – The Beginning

Stored grain protection is a nuanced and ever-evolving field. The populations and problems that insects cause continue to grow. Weather patterns are shifting, moving bugs into new locations - impacting both the quality of stored grain and the density of insect populations. Market standards for pristine corn and grains are rising globally.

Central Life Sciences’ role in thought leadership spearheaded the “Bugs on the Move” social media influencer campaign that arose from a recognition that our consumers need all of the available information at their disposal in order to meet market demands in a changing industry and make the best decisions for insect prevention in their stored grain.

Bugs on the Move Campaign – In Action

Educational campaigns are only as powerful as the experts who lead them. Our team of entomologists, research and development staff, tech experts, and field staff are at the ready to support consumers and solve problems, with our sales representatives running point on customer communication. Who better to share this grain protecting and profit increasing expertise on a large scale than the customer’s go-to resource, the sales representative?

Garret Groves, a Regional Sales Manager for Central Life Sciences, is the face of the “Bugs on the Move” campaign. Groves covers territory in North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana, and in regard to insect prevention, he says, “A lot of what I see in my territory is the same commodity stored in the same facility every year without a prevention mechanism.”

Groves is out to spread the word across the United States. “Stored grain insects cost U.S. producers $2.5 billion in any given year,” he says, “So if you can have that plan put together to treat your commodities going into a bin, you’ll lessen that number and quite honestly, make your operation more profitable.”

In a series of videos and creative art posts to illustrate the “Bugs on the Move” problem, Groves walks us through weevil damages and destruction across the United States, how to actively monitor grain for insect activity, and a host of other educationally based messages.

In a concerted effort to heighten consumer understanding over product promotion, the “Bugs on the Move” social media campaign is designed to demonstrate the best part of what we do: enhance quality of life and productivity for our consumers through education. To see insights from Garret and other useful information for stored grain professionals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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