Central Life Sciences offers a multitude of premise control options that can be used throughout any agricultural operation or rural living environment to fight a variety of insects. We have fly control products that can go on cattle and crops, as well as around barns, stables and out buildings. We have fire ant baits designed for pastures and around the property as well as mosquito control products made for standing water and around the backyard.

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Starbar products have delivered reliable results that have been relied upon for more than 45 years. Featuring a wide range of solutions scientifically tailored to insect behaviors at pinpoint locations, each formulation was designed to help achieve a higher level of insect control in, on, and around agricultural operations. Whether it’s flies resting up high in a barn, cockroaches foraging low on the ground, or mosquitoes flying around your operation, Starbar has a solution for every level to make your life easier and your operation more profitable.

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