When left untreated, insects are free to destroy countless varieties of plants and flowers, directly affecting the bottom line of commercial growers. That's why large-scale operations, independent greenhouses and nurseries have come to rely on Central Life Sciences for ornamental and turfgrass pest management. From fire ant prevention to nursery and greenhouse pest management, our solutions work fast and are built to last.

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Enstar AQ Insect Growth Regulator

For long-term residual insect control, Enstar AQ IGR formulation provides greenhouse growers an effective insect growth regulator (IGR) that delivers the results you are looking for while being gentle on plants and beneficials. Once the invasive nursery and greenhouse insects come into contact with the active ingredient, S-Kinoprene, they lay sterile eggs, preventing future generations from emerging.
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Mavrik Aquaflow

Mavrik Aquaflow is a non-phytotoxic insecticide/miticide that provides immediate control of a broad-spectrum of nursery and greenhouse pests including whiteflies, aphids, thrips, root weevils, beetles, caterpillars and more.
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