Your livestock is the lifeblood of your operation. To protect animal health and maximize production, it is essential to keep fly populations under control. With our feed-through fly control products, you can protect your animals, employees and bottom line from house flies, face flies, stable flies and horn flies. As livestock feed additives, ClariFly Larvicide and Altosid IGR are both incorporated into an animal’s feed to stop flies in their larval stage. Both products offer an easy and effective solution to reduce disease-carrying fly populations on an operation.

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Altosid IGR

Altosid IGR helps ranchers protect their operations from profit-eating horn flies with the best value on pasture. Now priced at just 2-3 cents per animal per day, this feed-through cattle fly control solution passes through cattle and into their manure where it breaks the horn fly life cycle, preventing the emergence of breeding, biting adults.
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ClariFly Larvicide

More than 96% effective at ending the fly life cycle at the larval stage, ClariFly Larvicide provides proven fly control that helps maximize the efficiency of your animals and workers. As a feed additive, ClariFly Larvicide can be effortlessly incorporated into an animal’s feed to kill flies in their larval stage and help prevent the emergence of disease carrying flies on dairy, swine, beef, equine, sheep and goat operations.
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