Central Life Sciences History

Since the discovery of methoprene led to the first registration of Altosid for larvicidal mosquito control, a continued commitment to innovation and environmentally compatible insect control has guided our every decision for more than 50 years. Read about the key discoveries, groundbreaking innovations and strategic acquisitions that have made Central Life Sciences who we are today.


Dr. Carl Djerassi invented novel mosquito control products based on discovery of insect growth regulators (IGRs). This line of Altosid products, built on methoprene, revolutionized mosquito control. Following this discovery, the company Zoëcon (Greek for “life control”) was founded with a commitment to new product innovation with a consideration for environmental sensitivity.


Zoëcon acquired Dallas-based Thuron Industries, and along with its new technology quickly establishing a position as a major manufacturer of flea control products in the U.S. that it maintains to this day with Insect growth regulator technology.


The Thuron partnership allowed Zoëcon to capitalize on pheromone research, reformulating Thuron’s Golden Malrin® fly bait, one of the first such combination products released.


Zoëcon invented the process of delivering fly control products to animals as a “feed through,” utilizing the animal as the delivery system for the active ingredient to control fly larvae in manure.


After testing the effects of methoprene on cigarette beetles, Zoëcon received approval for the first ever application of an IGR as a crop protection solution. This paved the way for the successful Diacon IGR line of stored commodity protectants.


Zoëcon was acquired by Sandoz, Ltd. This led to the development of the IGR hydroprene, a more effective solution to roach control that powers the current Gentrol line of products.


In completing its merger with Ciba-Geigy, Sandoz sold its animal health and professional pest control product business to Central Garden & Pet. The collection of products was renamed as Wellmark International.


Wellmark International parent company, Central Garden & Pet, announces the acquisition of certain intellectual property assets from Shirlo, Inc. (Speer Products) including the company's exclusive marketing rights to etofenprox, a leading-edge technology insect adulticide approved for on-animal use.


Central Garden & Pet purchases Farnam Companies, a Phoenix-based company and market leader specializing in equine products, veterinary products and cattle tags. Wellmark and Farnam combine organizations to form the strategic business unit Central Life Sciences focusing on diverse markets - companion animals, rural environments, public health, professional pest management, mosquito abatement districts and stored product pests.


Central Life Sciences acquires B2E Corporation and increases the portfolio of product registrations, patents and formulation options in the public health market.


The acquisition of Envincio, manufacturers of the popular Essentria and EcoPCO products, added a robust lineup of natural and botanical insecticides and active ingredients to the Zoëcon Professional Products portfolio, creating the industry’s most comprehensive line of insect control solutions.