Central Life Sciences seeks to establish partnerships to gain access to novel, unique or strategic products or technologies that may add value to our businesses and customers. Examples of such assets typically include:

  • Active ingredients for the control of insects in a broad variety of environments
  • Delivery systems and formulation technologies for such active ingredients
  • Therapeutic agents of animal health relevance with implemented regulatory strategies; particularly related to pain, behavior modification, endo and ectoparasite control, ophthalmic, dermal and oral health indications
  • Fully-developed products pertinent to our businesses or representing natural extensions of them
  • Product lines or businesses that may enhance our market share or complement our market presence

When merited, Central will be open to implementing any type of arrangement that may fit the opportunity and be of mutual benefit to the partnership, including: supply agreements, licenses, joint ventures, co-development agreements, out-right acquisitions, etc.

On occasion Central will also welcome opportunities to expand uses for our products, open new markets or license-out fully-developed products that are not core to our business. You may inquire about specific areas of interest by emailing us below.

Central is also a source of certain technical grade insecticides and synergists and actively seeks customers for approved uses of such molecules in the US. A comprehensive list of molecules and their profiles may be found in the Active Ingredient section of this website.