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Welcome to the Central Life Sciences 90-Day Fly Control Demo! Central Life Sciences isn’t merely a leader among the class of feed-through fly control. Central Life Sciences, the makers of Altosid® IGR and ClariFly® Larvicide created the class. Whether for pastured cattle focused on controlling the horn fly, or confined cattle focused on nuisance and biting fly control, Central Life Sciences has the right feed-through solution for your operation.

Interested in participating in the Central Life Sciences 90-Day Fly Control Demo? First, please answer our pre-trial survey questions below! Then, after 90 days, a survey will be sent out for you to complete. Finally, you will be asked to submit your purchase invoices. This will complete all your requirements for this program. An electronic payment at the end of this trial will go to the end user’s email address approximately 4-6 weeks after completion of all steps of the trial.

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